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Smart Board

Smart Board

Exciting News!

First Discoveries now uses the Smart board 6000 series. This Smart board includes the latest Smart iQ technology, object awareness, 4K UHD display, Pen ID, Silktouch Technology, SMART ink and simultaneous touch points. We are able to have interactive lessons, collaborative workspaces and game-based activities. The SMART board has multiple ways to be used in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom for example, during circle time, Music and movement, digital stories and virtual field trips.

Studies have shown that using smart technology in the classroom has proven success rates; it raises test scores, improves student learning, enhances literacy, boosts attentiveness, and increases comprehension. The use of educational technology is now known to have a major, positive impact on the social, emotional, language, and cognitive development of children. It is recommended that many opportunities be given during the preschool years for exploration using technology tools in a playful, supportive environment. An Interactive whiteboard brings learning to life and is helpful to all children of all ages and abilities, increasing their attention span which directly impacts on their learning.

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